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1. мой дурной(нет) вкус No, people don't want a happy ending. People want to read about Rusty Hamer, the little boy on Make Room for Daddy who shot hims more
2. 521. Talking about Pets (with James) Usually when I talk to my brother on the podcast we talk about fairly obscure topics, like cult films, musical more
3. Let's Stop the Near-Drowning of Lab Animals Scientists do it to test antidepressants, but it’s fantastically cruel—plus it doesn’t even work By more
4. Просто фильм ужасов🙀🙀🙀 САМАЯ СМЕРТОНОСНАЯ КОШКА НА ЗЕМЛЕ This little female is known to researchers as Gyra. Эта маленькая самка известна учёным ка more
5. ESL Pets Vocabulary list with Definitions 🐈🐇🐕🐖🐠🐢🐁🐭 The following list has vocabulary items that are related to pets. Adorable: Something that is l more

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