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1. The world abounds in facts shocking enough to leave you gaping. But perhaps it’s this weirdity of the world wherein lies its spirit of noir adventure. more
2. the first part of the message ,,, Where will you find me . Where my spirit dwells Yeah ,, Dear , Remember , Once you feel like going back being bac more
3. The Parrot With a Call as Infectious as Laughter Kea parrots can make a warbling noise that whips other keas in earshot into a playful frenzy. Raoul more
4. TIME TO BUST A MYTH: NOT ALL MAMMALS ARE WARM-BLOODED We are taught that all mammals have warm blood, but in fact there are a few exceptions to this more
5. ENCYCLOPEDIAS: 1. Super Bug Encyclopedia: The Biggest, Fastest, Deadlist Creepy-Crawlies on the Planet Following on the success of Super Nature Ency more

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