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which include the roughly 100 species in the order Didelphimorphia are some of the most misunderstood animals in the Americas
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are opportunistic omnivores with a very broad range of diet They cause damage by digging up the roots of plants and getting into garbage cans Learn more about here
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1 Kill Ticks by the Thousands are voracious eaters that will try anything they find something you know quite well if youve ever found one pawing through your
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One of the coolest common is that newborn babies are the size of a raisin the common or Virginia is often accused of spreading rabies
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Other really do play dead They will flop down and be very still with their tongue hanging out to trick predators Sometimes this trick will allow to escape


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More are said to rank higher in intelligence than dogs have a remarkable immune system They are resistant to rabies and many can survive venomous bites from
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Awareness Advocacys mission is to educate the public about many attributes not the least
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Awareness Advocacys mission is to educate the public about many attributes not the least
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In benefit the environment by keeping it clean and healthy They eat roaches rats and dead animals Many refer to them as Natures Little Sanitation Engineers
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1219 likes 5 talking about this New album Ignorance Is Bliss out now Bookings lodeopossummusiccom
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Found an orphaned baby March 2015 we named her Lucky and in her 3 12 years she changed minds
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Despite their reputation as being pests are in useful little animals in your garden
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OPEOPLE The OLeftist OPassel has 13695 members memes existential scrms and feminist drms This is a leftist group Note 1 Read
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Sesame the 124902 likes 7391 talking about this Its me Sesame An A If you love animals GO VEGAN D Also Starfish is my

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