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caenolestid Conservation status Near Threatened IUCN 311 Scientific classification Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata
3.New World Encyclopedia
are found mainly on the Pacific slopes of the Andes in central Ecuador and northwestern Peru typically at elevations above 1500 meters The coarse thickness of their brownishblack fur offers a distinction from their close relative C fuliginosus the silky
4.Caenolestes caniventer facts
Order Paucituberculata Family Caenolestidae Species Caenolestes caniventer
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6.Tureng ngilizce Eanlam Szlk
7.Paucituberculata Encyclopediacom
The the blackish and the silky are found in isolated separated populations in the mountains of the Western Andes from Colombia and Venezuela in the north and southwards through Ecuador Peru and Argentina
8.Paucituberculata Vaci
Caenolestes caniventer Anthony 1921 vak drav syn
9.Wiki Everipedia
also known as rat or caenolestids are about the size of a small rat 914 cm long with thin limbs a long pointed snout and a slender hairy tail
10.Category WikiVisually
4 caenolestid The caenolestid or grey is a found in humid temperate forests and moist grasslands of western Ecuador and northwestern Peru It was first described by American zoologist Harold Elmer Anthony in 1921


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