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1.and the
was taken to a hospital emergency room to have a removed from rectum
2.Hollywood Myths Vs MTV
The story was the gay guy fad of sticking a live ass Supposedly its erotic cause the thing wiggles around
3.For once and for all the butt
Why a but
4.Finally Addresses RumorAnd Changes It
Well wisely stuck own head there too and played dead while the rumor blew over and it took about 15 years mind you but now hes finally found
5.Gerbilling Wikipedia
6.Internet Hoax About Mishap and Armageddon
Although has never outandout denied the story and really who would ever want to actually say the words No I didnt a in my butt he once mention it in
7.Man Who Started Infamous Rumor Finally
and rumor creator Wayne Matthews moments after accepted apology When heard the confession the famous pacifist and Buddhist became enraged and attempted to strangle Matthews before being restrained by the nights other award winners Ben Affleck and Quentin
8.Dealing With Snipers s Bottom And The Alleged
Theres been rumours on the internet for years that a bottom Now thats clearly nonsense but its stuck and probably hurt
9.Opens on RearStuffing Myth E News
denied the absurd accusation then kept mum in hopes that it would die out which it eventually
10.Urban Dictionary
Allegedly has made rectum a home for mice rats hamsters andor guinea pigs in an effort to sexually gratify himself in a gay manner


1.against Posts Facebook
against s ass 160 likes No more should have to enter s anus
2.The Turds Home Facebook
TurdCore is made of sarcasm true
3.against Home Facebook
against s ass 175 likes No more should have to enter s anus
4.Posts Facebook
2986 likes 6 talking about this
5.s Home Facebook
s 83 likes 1 talking about this A liberal site that likes to sometimes troll conservative sites
6.Personal Training Home Facebook
Personal Training GymPhysical fitness centre in San Giljan
7.Movies Ana Sayfa Facebook
Facebookta Moviesin daha fazla ieriini gr
8.against Home Facebook
against s ass 158 likes No more should have to enter s anus
9.Movies Posts Facebook
is Paul a surgeon who long ago unwittingly traded career for family
10.The Turds Ana Sayfa Facebook
TurdCore is made of sarcasm true

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