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2.Leukosis Serotype J The Poultry Site
Caused by an retrovirus This condition has until now been seen only in meattype chickens with considerable straintostrain variation It has occured in Europe North and South America
3.The transforming sequences of virus MC29
virus MC29 a defective acute leukemia virus has a broad oncogenic spectrum in vivo and transforms fibroblasts and hematopoietic target cells in vitro We have used
Virus найдены отдельные слова спросить в форуме
5.MC29 Virus Klaus Bister
MC29 virus is an acute leukemia virus and the prototype of the MC29subgroup of the leukosissarcoma genus of type C retroviruses
6.AMCV virus
The abbreviation for virus is AMCV
7.definition of by Medical
one of the virusinduced diseases in the leukosissarcoma group of diseases of
Taxonomy virus SPECIES Basket 0 max 400 entries
9.Vita Virustargeted by miRNAs virus
description virus complete genome version NC0018661 GI9629900 organism virus feature
10.MYCL Wikipedia
MYCL LMYC MYCL1 bHLHe38 LMyc vmyc viral oncogene lung carcinoma derived homolog MYCL protooncogene bHLH transcription factor External IDs


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